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Expert Jewelry Appraisal

We’ve found that having our clients present for the appraisal enables them to have an interactive experience with the appraiser, where they are encouraged to ask questions and express concerns.

Your appraisal will be printed at the end of the appointment; however, where the appraiser needs more time to complete research or if you have a large collection a week delay may be warranted

What Our Customers Are Saying


{58ebc9b38761b8458cda7bdf6c685f439900193a843e35d18f3d7ae7e0841c99}22Had two appraisals done today by Jeff. I have never met a more professional and gracious a business owner. Will certainly refer Jeff to friends and family.{58ebc9b38761b8458cda7bdf6c685f439900193a843e35d18f3d7ae7e0841c99}22

Larry Fitch

{58ebc9b38761b8458cda7bdf6c685f439900193a843e35d18f3d7ae7e0841c99}22Very helpful! Jeff Maurer is professional, pleasant and knew the answers to all my questions. I would highly recommend going here for jewelry appraisals.{58ebc9b38761b8458cda7bdf6c685f439900193a843e35d18f3d7ae7e0841c99}22

Nathan Meyer

{58ebc9b38761b8458cda7bdf6c685f439900193a843e35d18f3d7ae7e0841c99}22Jeff is the definition of professional! You can trust him with any of your precious heirlooms. Thanks Jeff for all your help over the years!{58ebc9b38761b8458cda7bdf6c685f439900193a843e35d18f3d7ae7e0841c99}22

Ana Macias

Great experience. Very quick and reliable. I appreciate the hospitality. Recommend 100{58ebc9b38761b8458cda7bdf6c685f439900193a843e35d18f3d7ae7e0841c99}.

Jacob Jones

{58ebc9b38761b8458cda7bdf6c685f439900193a843e35d18f3d7ae7e0841c99}22Loved our experience! Very professional and personable! Enjoyed our conversation and final outcome!{58ebc9b38761b8458cda7bdf6c685f439900193a843e35d18f3d7ae7e0841c99}22

Lauren Wicker